Female Portraits – By Patty Maher and Ingrid Endel


Player 1

“Faceless”  by Patty Maher

patty maher


patty maher 2

patty maher 3

patty maher 4

patty maher 5

patty maher 7

patty maher 8

patty maher 9

patty maher 10

patty maher 11

patty maher 6

AUTHOR  says: “The fact that I don’t show faces allows people to potentially write themselves into the story that I’m trying to tell… Any picture I take, it could be any woman. It could be the viewer, it could be someone they know — their mother, their sister, their aunt — whatever they want it to be. And that’s really a goal of mine, to be able to move people in some kind of way. When someone says my photo has made them feel something, it’s the highest compliment I could ever receive.” (PATTY MAHER)


Player 2

“I’m a dancer at Heart…”  by  Ingrid Endel

ingrid endel

ingrid endel 66

ingrid endel 15

ingrid endel 14

ingrid endel 13

ingrid endel 12

ingrid endel 11

ingrid endel 10

ingrid endel 9

ingrid endel 8

ingrid endel 7

ingrid endel 5

ingrid endel 4

ingrid endel 3

ingrid endel 2

AUTHOR says: “I am a dancer at heart, and in constant search for meaning. I like to tell stories and take people on journeys. The unusual, the unspoken, movement, and the possibilities of the human body are just a few of my inspirations. Photography has allowed me to use my skills as a dancer to extend the boundaries of human expression.”(Ingrid Endel)

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Patty Maher

Ingrid Endel


5 Responses to “PHOTO BATTLE # 4”
  1. lerusho says:

    Reblogged this on lerusho.


  2. dkqueen says:

    Share it on pinterest, nice photos.


  3. originaltitle says:

    I really liked both photographers. Each of their “artist statements” comes through so clearly in their work. There’s no way to really pick one over the other. Maher’s has such a great story to it, so much to read into and Endel’s has such breathtaking movement. Thanks for sharing these. I’ll have to look both of these photographers up and see more of their work.


  4. rabirius says:

    Amazing pictures.


  5. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    Reblogged this on The Artistic Spider's Web and commented:
    Photo Battle


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