Out of Place  – By Klaus Pichler and Jordan Matter . Player 1 “Just the Two of US”  by Klaus Pichler . . Player 2 “Dancers Among US”  by  Jordan Matter . . You might also like    Sources: Klaus Pitchler    


Female Portraits – By Patty Maher and Ingrid Endel . Player 1 “Faceless”  by Patty Maher AUTHOR  says: “The fact that I don’t show faces allows people to potentially write themselves into the story that I’m trying to tell… Any picture I take, it could be any woman. It could be the viewer, it could … Continue reading

Just an Illusion # 13

Multiple Shadows-  by  John V. Muntean John V. Muntean was inspired to create the Magic Angle Sculptures through his work with magic angle sample spinning, a scientific technique that mechanically simulates a molecule tumbling through space. The effect is to rapidly interchange the three axes of the Cartesian coordinates (x, y, and z). A complex observable phenomenon … Continue reading

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