Just an Illusion # 66

Through Thousands of Words – By  Stephanie Lempert Author says:“….a picture is worth a thousand words” . I photographed a location and recorded the conversations being spoken in that area during a certain amount of time. I then transcribed these spoken words and extracted the text from the photograph. The remaining image allows you to see the … Continue reading

Arts&Crafts # 50

Words to Wear – By Sopi Su  SOURCES: sopi su farewell-kingdom

Arts&Crafts # 37

Nest of Words – by Miriam Londoño . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Artist BIO: Miriam Londoño studied art at the Antioquia University in Medellin, Colombia, and at the Arts Academy in Florence, Italy. While she lived in Medellin, Londoño combined her work as an artist with being a Lecturer of … Continue reading

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