Arts&eCrafts # 30

Cross Stitched Portraits – by  Evelin Kasikov Master of embroidery Evelin Kasikov recently began a new project involving cross stitched portraits. Using an identical grid, each image is created using a mix of geometric stitching styles and thread of varying color and thickness that results in these beautifully pixelated faces. See the before photos and other process shots over … Continue reading

Just an Illusion # 25

Wool Brush Strokes (Analogia #001) – by Serra & Mancuso “Analogia #001 is an alteration of space perception, an ethereal experience provoking the spectator to re-investigate the functionality of the objects surroundings them. It is on show at “testbed1″ as part of the exhibition “a few friends”, curated by Will Alsop, for the London design … Continue reading

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