Just an Illusion # 66

Through Thousands of Words – By  Stephanie Lempert Author says:“….a picture is worth a thousand words” . I photographed a location and recorded the conversations being spoken in that area during a certain amount of time. I then transcribed these spoken words and extracted the text from the photograph. The remaining image allows you to see the … Continue reading

8 bit # 2

Around the world in 8-bit Naples (Italy) Sidney (Australia) Paris (France) New York (United States) London (England) The best of Google’s 8-bit April Fool’s Day maps – Google has become one of the biggest pranksters every year for April Fool’s Day. Over the years they’ve put out several clever and enjoyable pranks. This year’s first one is also … Continue reading

Arts&Crafts # 4

Papercut world (1:100) – By Terada Mokei .                       . Japanese paper artist Terada Mokei created this amazing 1:100 scaled paper series , all the objects are made into cut out sheets and ready to be popped out and glued into place. . Sources: teradamokei blog gessato

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