Arts&Crafts # 73

Painting With Dominoes – By  FlippyCat Industrious domino artist FlippyCat recreated Vincent van Gough’s famous Starry Night painting using 7,067 dominoes stacked vertically and horizontally to create an impressive chain reaction that seems to sprawl in the same direction as the artist’s brushstrokes. You might also like      Sources:  FlippyCat colossal

Arts&Crafts # 68

Rolled Books Sculptures – By Bronia Sawyer You might also like   Sources: Bronia Sawyer illusion allthingspaper

Arts&Crafts # 67

Cut Maps – By Nikki Rosato Author says: “Our physical bodies are beautiful structures full of detail, and they hold the stories that haunt and mold our lives. The lines on a road map are beautifully similar to the lines that cover the surface of the human body.In my work involving maps, as I remove the landmasses … Continue reading

Arts&Crafts # 63

Paper Roll Portraits – By Anant Nanvare You might also like      Sources: Anant Nanvare colossal

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