8-16-32 bit # 6

8-bit Tea Time – By Dina Belenko . . You might also like    Sources: dina belenko likecool.com

8-16-32 bit #005

8 Bit Superheroes – By Ercan Akkaya   You might also like      Sources: ercan akkaya ufunk.net

8 BIT # 4

Space Invaders Light Installation – By Yves Caizergues You might also like    Sources: it8bit.com    

Video Killed Me # 2

Berlin Block Tetris SOURCE: video-creativity

8 bit # 3

Pixel Sculptures – By Shawn Smith SOURCES: shawnsmithart faithistorment

8 bit # 2

Around the world in 8-bit Naples (Italy) Sidney (Australia) Paris (France) New York (United States) London (England) The best of Google’s 8-bit April Fool’s Day maps – Google has become one of the biggest pranksters every year for April Fool’s Day. Over the years they’ve put out several clever and enjoyable pranks. This year’s first one is also … Continue reading

8 bit # 1

Mad men game Play as Don Draper from Mad Men and help him complete all 3 tasks to save the company! There are 3 different endings based on the order you complete the tasks, we encourage you to play the game multiple times to see all possible endings. The game “knows” which order you picked! … Continue reading

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