Just an Illusion # 21

Nouvel perspective – by Jean Nouvel

French architect Jean Nouvel partnered with Swedish flooring company, Bolon, to create a gravity defying installation at the 2012 Stockholm Furniture Fair this February. Nouvel’s installation at the fair featured an enclosed stand, with all four surfaces clad in Bolon’s new Create flooring collection. The project explored the textural qualities of Bolon’s collection, with flooring running up the walls and onto the ceiling – a concept that Nouvel said “challenges gravity as well as the traditional ideas of flooring”.The four surfaces of the stand were each clad in different colours of Create flooring. A number of furniture pieces adorned the walls and hung suspended from the ceiling, accompanied by four mannequins depicting Nouvel reclining, sitting and reading in the space. The result was an eye-catching and humorous installation, with Nouvel – the man and mannequin – as the star attraction at Bolon’s stand.


jean nouvel


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