Just an Illusion # 20

Light and Shadows – by Rashad Alakbarov







Shadow art Rashad Alakbarov 2


Shadow art Rashad Alakbarov


Artist Rashad Alakbarov from Azerbaijan uses suspended translucent objects and other found materials to create light and shadow paintings on walls. The real key to making shadow art isn’t the shadow itself, but the light and the objects blocking the light that eventually come together to make an image in the darkness. That’s why it’s actually a bit surprising that so few of the artists working with this format have experimented with objects that do not block the light, but instead just manipulate it.That’s why this design by Azerbaijan artist Rashad Alakbarov is simply so wonderful. The colored glass pieces block the light, using the same concept as shadow art, but the result is something so much more beautiful – an entire painting created with nothing more than a colored light.


Rashad Alakbarov


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