Arts&Crafts # 12

“Disassembly” (and reorganization  by type, size and function) – by Tod Mclellan

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Canadian photographer Todd McLellan’s latest series “Disassembly” captures relics of our past in a unique, dismantled and exposed form. Disassembled items include a typewriter, a push lawn mower and a rotary phon; each have had every part meticulously re-arranged – by type, size and function – on a beige surface in an almost OCD-like manner, resulting in a portrait of an era now left behind.




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3 Responses to “Arts&Crafts # 12”
  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    Reblogged this on The Artistic Spider's Web and commented:
    “Disassembly” (and reorganization by type, size and function) – by Tod Mclellan


  2. joanneweave says:

    Love this! Beautifully rearranged.


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