Just an Illusion # 5

Urban Anamorphism – Boa Mistura

mistura 18

mistura 20

mistura 19

mistura 17

mistura 16

mistura 15

mistura 14

mistura 13

mistura 12

mistura 11

mistura 10

mistura 9

mistura 8

mistura 7

mistura 6

mistura 5

mistura 4

mistura 3

mistura 2

The BOA MISTURA project LUZ NAS VIELAS has been done in Vila Brasilândia, Sao Paulo, during the month of January 2012. It is part of the CROSSROADS series: Boa Mistura´s Participative Urban Art Projects to intervene in rundown communities using art as a tool for change and inspiration. Between 4 and January 16 BOA Mistura has had the opportunity to live in Brasilândia, hosted by the Goncalves family, and have direct contact with the community. After a preliminary study and analysis, the framework defined is the streets that serve as connecting elements in the urban net, known as VIELAS and BECOS. The dialogue with residents and their active participation has been decisive in the direction of the Project.BELEZA, FIRMEZA, AMOR, DOÇURA y ORGULHO are the concepts chosen by the group for the interventions.




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  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    I like this!


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    Urban Anamorphism – Boa Mistura


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