Graphics # 1

Infographics by Francesco Franchi

Infographics are not just a translation of what can be read to what can be seen. They help us understand, create and experience our reality. They reveal the hidden, explain the complex and illuminate the obscure. They definitely are an exercise of journalism. To construct effective visual representations of information, graphic designers must filter the information, establish relationships, discern patterns and represent them in a way that allows the consumer of that information to process and digest meaningful knowledge.  Designing an infographic means finding a better way to explain a concept, to present it and in the end create a representation that works.

Francesco Franchi – Art director for IL — Intelligence in lifestyle, Il Sole 24 ORELearn more


Francesco Franchi


2 Responses to “Graphics # 1”
  1. Anastasia says:

    Infographics are an expanding field in the area of desing.

    Working as a freelance designer for many years, I find myself in need to make a research in infographics.

    Thank you for the article, very interesting.


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