Just an Illusion # 3

Infinitely small

Angelo Musco utilizes the human body as a medium; he photographs naked models in complex group poses and digitally re-organizes shots in a visionary, organic universe.

Born in Italy, Musco immigrated to the USA in 1997. However, his uniquely imaginative creativity is rooted in his history and geographical origins in Naples. His biography refers to the physical consequences of being born 6.5kg after an 11 month pregnancy.
Musco has translated the human body and ways it relates with other bodies  – and life – into a large, formal language. The realization of each work can take years and involve hundreds of models and thousands of photoshoots.
The images recall living structures like insect nests, amniotic sacs or abysmal seas. They are even more awe-inspiring once it is discovered that they are built of interminable chains of interweaving bodies.


text by Margherita Dessanay

Angelo Musco


Art Paris Art Fair

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